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Fursuit Gigs

Where the Furry Things Are

Fursuit Events & Performances
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Fursuit Gig

A community to give fursuiters and other performers a base for advertising events, requests for additional volunteers/help, tips on fursuiting skits or acting, a place to share experiences, or any other additional topics that fall under the spirit of this community. Please no advertisements for conventions, there are plenty of other communities available for notices along those lines.

Whether you are an experienced fursuiter or someone looking to pursue the art of costuming, looking for help on creating a skit or putting together a charity event or even looking for help as a full-time mascot performer, this community is here to help and share ideas and experiences.

Members are encouraged to provide an introductions, including: Your Name (Real, Fursona, or Stage Name), Events where you have performed/participated and your experiences, any costumes you have used, etc...

Rules / Guidelines:
* Pictures: Please use common sense when posting pictures. If there are more than one or large enough to affect the parameters of the Friends View, post under an lj-cut.
* Information: Event information should include time/date, location, coordinator name and contact information, short description of event, what is the need for volunteers (including non-costumed handlers) and if there is a limit, whether costumes will be provided, and any other necessary details.
* Announcements: Keep event updates limited to a reasonable number, in other words no minute to minute updates - if it's not an urgent update, consider editing the most current post to include new information. Advertising one event multiple times in a week may edge out other discussions and opportunities. Use your best judgment, a good guide may be once a week until it comes close to the date of the event or unless something very important comes up.
* Updates: When you post an update, please include the important information for the event: the What (short description), Where (City & State), and When (Time and Date, as well as expected length). Remember that not everyone will be following you from the beginning, some may may be hearing about the event for the first time from one of the updates - they should not have to search for the original announcement.
* Topics: Keep the topics within the spirit of the community - the realm of fursuit events, performances, skits, and other mascot/fursuit work. Posting about your experience and tips for fursuit/mascot events is encouraged.
Topics on other fursuit information, such as fursuit construction are encouraged to post on the plethora of other fursuit related communities. General advertisements for furry events such as conventions are discouraged.
* Links: Feel free to post the urls of sites related to costuming work and performances.