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Kids Expo Update: April 14-15th, Poughkeepsie NY

EDIT: If you are are looking to find a roommate at a hotel for the night, please let me know. I know of one fur currently looking for roomshare, if you are also looking to lower the hotel cost by roomming with more people - please let me know.

Received a message from our Kids Expo contact. He spoke with the Civic Center people, it's looking like we will be able to use the ice skating rink and the backstage changing area. He will confirm this but if I don't hear back from him, we can assume both are good to go.

Just a few notes: please confirm whether you will be attending (from the list at the bottom), what days/times you will be attending, which hotel you plan on staying at, and your contact info (cell# & email). Comments are screened on this post.

Also, I received a parade map and some details:

Route: The staging area for the parade is the Municipal Parking Lot located north of Main Street between Hamilton and Academy Streets. Marchers will exit the lot on Hamilton Street and proceed to Main Street. The parade will move west toward Market Street, where it will turn right. After crossing the westbound arterial, the parade will end with the marchers moving into the Poughkeepsie Journal parking lot. See enclosed map.

Times: Be at the staging area by 11:00am. The parade will step off promptly at noon. (If you have to park a car, please plan extra time so that all the marchers are at the staging area by 11:00am).

Parking: Parking space is limited. Unfortunately, we cannot allow marchers to park in the staging area lot. Parking for parade participants is available at: the McCabe and Mack lot (near the end of the parade route), the lots of Electra Supply and Security Plumbing (across the arterial from the staging area), and across the street from the Family Partnership of Dutchess County (around the corner on Hamilton Street).

At the Staging Area: This year's parade will be even larger than last year's; there will be several hundred marchers all trying to get organized at the same time. Look for a sign with your group's name on it that is either being held aloft by a volunteer or is propped up with a traffic cone. Line up behind this sign. (as a note, last year our sign simply said 'Fursuiters').

The March: Police at the front of the line of marchers will set the pace. While cross streets will be closed for the parade, traffic at the westbound arterial will be flowing until the procession arrives. FOR EVERYONE'S SAFETY, LISTEN FOR INSTRUCTIONS AND OBEY THEM.

Maintain Your Distance: We expect that each marching group will have an escort. The escort will be responsible for maintaining a consistent gap between your group and the group in front of you. Please look for and follow the instructions of this volunteer.

Stopping and Starting: The parade will stop and then restart a few times during the march so that performing groups can perform while being in one place. Groups will have a special opportunity to perform for the Reviewing Stand in front of the Civic Center. Watch for your escort and maintain your distance.

At the Journal Lot: CONTINUE TO MOVE THROUGH THE PARKING LOT so that marchers behind you have a place to go. We have to avoid a backup on Market Street. From the lot, find your way to the city sidewalks and to your car or to the festivities at the YMCA, Civic Center or Childrens Museum.

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Hotel Reservations for those attending both Saturday and Sunday (April 14th & 15th)

I've scoped out a few hotels and came up with some prices (these are for rooms with two beds):

Travelodge: edit - NOTE - Website information is old and hotel no longer seems to be in service
313 Manchester Rd
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
Rate: $50 per night (see link)

Econo Lodge
2625 South Road
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
Rate: $90 + tax

Best Western Inn
2170 South Road
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
Rate: $120 + tax

Holiday Inn Express
2750 South Road
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
Rate: $140 + tax

Also, there's (800-246-8357) or which may provide better deals.

Please let me know asap if you're planning on attending both days or which day in particular (sunday is preferred).

Event Info
The parade aspect (ie main event) takes place on Sunday April 15th, there is also some interaction at the Civic Center after that concludes. The parade begins at noon but we need to be at the start point at 11am. Everything concludes between 4 and 5pm. They are also looking for fursuiters to interact in the Civic Center from noon to about 4pm on Saturday April 14th - but if you have to choose, the parade is the more important day.

Location is Poughkeepsie, NY. I can help provide transport from the train station to the parade if you arrive at the Poughkeepsie train station - taking a Metro North train from Grand Central Terminal if you're traveling from NYC.

We could use as many people as are willing to attend.

The list so far...

Fursuiters: Confirmed
coyoty: Saturday & Sunday
freakylynx: Saturday & Sunday
grizz593: Saturday & Sunday
jbadger: Saturday & Sunday
lascivus_lutra: Saturday & Sunday
lilpup: Saturday & Sunday
mister_f: Sunday
mortonfox: Sunday
rapidtrabbit: Saturday & Sunday
renegadehusky: Saturday & Sunday
vidaroke: Saturday & Sunday

Handlers: Confirmed
athauglas: Saturday & Sunday
darkwolfenz: Saturday & Sunday
happypup: Sunday
spasmsproject: Sunday

Fursuiters: Unconfirmed
Spike Foxx

Handlers: Unconfirmed
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