January 22nd, 2018

Bar Scene

Upcoming Events

Just as a quick note for those still checking up on this community:

Albany Kidz Expo will be on Saturday, March 3rd. We've been confirmed for attending this event, I reserved our booth this morning - I'll be sending out the parking permit forms as soon as we receive them.

And... unfortunately the Penguin Plunge takes place on that same date this year as well. But for those in the loop we weren't able to attend last year due to no changing area being available. I've still sent out feelers to our contact for this event but haven't received a response yet. I'll keep the group updated if a changing area is available, as there appears to be at least one member interested in attending this event but not available for the Expo, but unfortunately it looks like our group will be skipping this event again. Had a good run going to the Middletown Penguin Plunge... sad to see it go as one of our yearly events.