March 4th, 2014

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Albany Kidz Expo 2014 - Full Details: March 8th event!

As a reminder, we have been re-invited back to the Albany Kidz Expo, scheduled to take place this Saturday March 8th (10am to 5pm). This event has been great every year we've attended and our presence has gone very well with adults and kids alike. We've got the large changing area once again and confirmation on the exhibition table.

Currently the line-up is as follows:



I will be manning the exhibition table as long as necessary, we must have at least one person stationed there at all times, but I will be running around in fursuit otherwise. If anyone is interested in manning the table it's super easy, just show off photos from past events our groups have done, hand out candy and flyers with contact info.

If anybody wishes to be added to the line-up please let me know and I'll send you the parking form which will allow you to use the garage under the convention center for free. I know this is an all day event, if you are interested in attending for just part of the day that is fine as well, it remains active throughout.

Under the cut I have attached all the details provided to me. The key things to remember - the event is from 10am to 5pm on Saturday March 8th but if you are using the parking garage you should show up earlier, it tends to fill up quickly.

As stated, I have sent a copy of the parking form to those confirmed as attending, you will need to present this when you arrive. Per the directions you will be parking in the V-Lot (P-3 North)

When you arrive you can contact me (I have not received the location of our table at the event) or if you have attended before you should be familiar with the changing area location (behind the back stage in the main exhibition area).

Directions are located under the cut.

Any questions... drop me a note :D

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