December 16th, 2009


StonyBrook U. NY Wolfie's 15th Birthday Party Wed.Feb.10.

Anybody interested in joining me for this weeknight event?
StonyBrook campus can be reached directly by train, though travel should be made ahead of the rush hour.

Please RSVP to me here or on related LJ postings, note signup deadline. Details follow:

Wolfie’s 15th Birthday Celebration!

You have been invited to participate in Wolfie’s 15th Birthday Celebration at the Stony Brook University Indoor Sports Complex!

Wolfie is turning 15 this year and would like to celebrate his birthday with all of his mascot friends! If your company or school mascot is available to participate please send a confirmation e-mail to no later than Friday, January 29, 2010.

Please see the information below which details the format of the event.

Details for Wolfie’s 15th Birthday Celebration (2/10/10):
Seawolves Men’s Basketball
Stony Brook vs. Maine 7PM

Main Contact: Andrea Lebedinski cell 631-379-8907 (Office: 631-632-7705)

Where: Pritchard Gymnasium-Stony Brook University Sports Complex

Arrival Time: 5pm (7pm game time)

Directions/Parking: Basketball (Indoor Sports Complex) Use the north entrance to campus. At the top of the hill, make a right (Circle Road). Make your first left (Gym road). The Indoor Sports Complex is the white building at the end of Gym Road. Parking for the Indoor Sports Complex is on the left.

Autographs: If you have autograph cards, please bring them.

Activities: There will be plenty of “working the stands/court” as well as mascot intros on the court and even a mascot in-game contest.

· Pregame/Postgame: Autographs/Interaction with attendees
· First Half: Mascot Dance-Off
· *Half-Time*-Singing “Happy Birthday Wolfie”-Cake & Candles
-All mascots will join Wolfie at center-court for a special birthday ceremony
· Second Half: Participation in “Cotton Eyed Joe” Dance that occurs at every game

End Time: About 8:30pm (After 2nd on-court mascot participation)

Please e-mail or call me with:

1) Names of all staff members attending the game (mascot and handler)
2) Cell phone number of the main contact for the game
3) Any questions you may have

We hope that you are available to participate in this fun and exciting event for the Stony Brook Seawolves. Call me with any questions!

-Andrea Lebedinski

Andrea Lebedinski
Coordinator of Merchandise and Branding
Stony Brook University Dept. of Athletics
SBU Indoor Sports Complex
Stony Brook, NY 11794-3500
O - 631-632-7705
F - 631-632-8841
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