December 8th, 2009

splatterhouse teddy bear

Advanced Notice: February, Sat 13th, NJ Kids Expo

I've just confirmed an appearance at the NJ Kid's Expo in Washington
NJ in the 13 of February, 2010. This is under the Hi-4 banner. It should be a pretty significant event running from 11 to 4 with a sizable crowd. We could probably use a biggish cast and crew contingent.

I'm glad to have an event in that January/February dead spot. In case you haven't heard The Poughkeepsie Kid's Expo pulled out on us this year but it looks like we have another one. It's little consolation to those living north of Poughkeepsie but for everyone in North NJ or East PA this is a chance to perform at a near ideal fursuit venue.

I hope a lot of you can attend. Please schedule accordingly and tell me if you can make it. Either PM me or reply here and I will Pm you.
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