October 9th, 2009


NYC Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, Sat.October 31...REVISED

The Village Halloween Parade in New York is coming up at the end of this month it's time to start planning for the event.

Official web site... http://www.halloween-nyc.com/

So who is interested in joining up this year?

At present we do not have any changing place since that there are no fursuiters living in Manhattan now.
We likely will still a meetup point immediately prior to heading for the formation area, this will be at the Canal Street Post Office.

(I myself will probably suit up at the office since it's Saturday but unfortunately due to security I won't be able to share those accomodations as I had years ago in the past when I did so there or at the TV studio but I still will meet with the rest of the group at Canal St.)

RSVP here and keep checking back for updates, including meet time on Halloween.