October 2nd, 2009

San Francisco journalism student interested in the Fursuit lifestyle

Hi all,
This is my first time posting, and my second day really reading all I can about the Furry lifestyle (if that is what I should call it, correct me if I'm wrong) I'm very intrigued and more so by the minute.
The reason I'm posting this is because I am also a photojournalist at San Francisco State University and I wanted to give light to the Furry culture that is mostly joked about by outsiders and little is really known by most. (Our October magazine issue is themed around "cultures".)
Personally I'd like to explore what goes on behind the scenes in the making of fursuits and the choices, etc. But I'm open to all aspects.
So this is a shout to any willing members in the San Francisco Bay area, or to furries that might know others in the Bay to get in contact with me and we can talk more about your story.
Feel free to ask me any questions, verify my legitimacy or anything.

brown hyena, fursuit

Fursuiting at Zona Rosa on Saturday October 24th, noon onwards!

Please e-mail me or use my contact information to lemme know if you plan to attend so I can finalize planning both to get supplies and so Zona Rosa knows how many of us to expect!

Zona Rosa is an outdoor shopping mall north of the river in Kansas City, Missouri, weather should be nice and chilly there. Water will be provided, I'll need some folks to be handlers as the site does have one rule I don't mind at all: One handler for every 3 suiters, and try to scatter around in clumps with one handler per clump instead of turning into one amorpheous gang of suiters.