June 24th, 2009



The master DVD of this year's Ocean City DooDah Parade has been finished and is now ready for duplication and distribution.

The broadcast version will air first on the Rapid T. Rabbit Show this Friday June 26 at 5:30pm ET in New York over Manhattan Neighborhood Network on Time Warner Cable channel 56, RCN channel 83 and Verizon FIOS channel 34. Simultaneously the show will be streamed on MNN.org at this Windows Media link... http://mnn.org/stream/ch56.asx

Pawpet.TV will stream the show before Funday on Sunday July 12 at 4:30pm ET.

The MPEG4 file of the parade show can be downloaded from

Everybody who was there can get a copy of the DVD, which includes all the unedited video of both our brigade and the entire parade. Please email me at RTRabbitNY@aol.com with your postal address if interested.