June 16th, 2009

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Walk for Autism 2009

This past sunday, june 7th, had a wonderful time at the South street SeaPort for the 2009 Walk for Autism event :)

It was me in costume, rapidtrabbit as Tenderheart CareBear, el_wereturkey as handler and camera person, jdpuppy in costume, and jimwolf24 in costume. Very good crowd of people.

Early on i got a couple balloons tied to me, it worked very well for me to play and give me an excuse to spin around and stuffs so I think it also helped the kids if they were unsure of the big red platypus :P

A couple times I gave away one of my balloons, first to a little gilr and then later to a little boy who then promptly let go of it and watched it fly away.

For a couple hours we entertain the kids and then they started disappearing for the walk. Took about a halfhour break and then everyone started coming back and we entertained them for a bit longer before everything started being taken down for the day.

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At one point I got to pose with a celebrity!!
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And then at another point, I ran into a coworker ^.^
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Very fun event and kids were really great. As Damian has said, we always have great time working with the Autism events.

Afterwards went out to a peruvian restaurant while Rapid had to head home a bit earlier and so couldnt eat with us.