June 14th, 2009

gryphon, wolf nymph, rose quoll

Fursuiting at Zona Rosa in Kansas City, MO on July 18th, 2009.

This is a one-off event for now, though I hope to do it on a monthly basis. If there's a more appropriate place to post a notification for this, I'll take this post down immediately, just lemme know.

There's an outdoor shopping mall in the Kansas City, Missouri area by the name of Zona Rosa, myself, Ciskaro, and RJ Fox went there for an hour or two, and got very positive reactions even from security and management of the area, and from several of the storefronts as well. Pictures if anyone wants to see what the handler snapped for us three.

I went back and spoke with security and the on-site management (guest services) today, and got the okay to head back in mid-July and do it again with a larger group, 10 or so as a soft cap for now. The 18th is the date I told them as that's the next time that's convenient for my personal schedule and friends that have already told me they want to go. More details are available at the Google Calendar event I set up for this:

Google Calendar Event Link