June 1st, 2009

  • fl0e

First time fursuiter, performance help!

Hey everybody! I'm Floe. My very very good friend dylboy66rocks has a *wonderful* fox fullsuit that he unfortunately cannot take to college with him, and his mom is also moving, so it would take up space..and as a token of kindness is letting me care for it and play in it until he comes home. :) This is my first real time "having" a suit to perform in, so I'd LOVE any and all tips you guys have to offer as far as performing. Some information:

-I am a female, the suit is male.
-I am somewhat curvy, but the suit is kinda big on me (but in a good way! It evens out :3) so it covers my breasts and hips. I still seem to have a sort of feminine..tilt, though.
-I would love information on how to come off as more masculine when wearing it as a partial. (hint: MAH BOOBS STICK OUT.)
-The character is friendly and involved!
-The suit is digitigrade.

I am having a bit of trouble with the handpaws. They were made for Dylan's larger hands, and thus feel a little floppy in the fingertips. Do you think wearing gloves underneath would help? Or should I possibly invest in my own pair of black handpaws?

^ Photos of the suit.

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Also, feel free to IM me with advice :) FloeButt on aim!