May 14th, 2009

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Agency work...Mascot Org...and the like

I know many of you on this board work for various agencies that staff performers to play costume characters/mascots...not just fursuit work...I posted this to Behind the Seams as well, but wanted to get other performer's opinions on it as well as I know many of you are/or trying to go professional with your performance work...

A well known "company" called Mascot Organization is currently in the process of redoing all of their paperwork/database to include ONLY those people who have filled out a new sub contractor agreement and also a new W-9...The new subcontractor agreement states:

A new Non-Solicitation AgreementCollapse )

A New Confidentiality Agreement- Look at CCollapse )

Attached with this request was the following:

"The Mascot Organization would like to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication!
We are trying hard to keep you employed! In these tough economic times, we have been struggling with clients to make sure our performers are paid a fair amount for their craft. This means some of our established clients are re-negotiating with us in order to fit the mascot in with their budget cuts. Some clients have wanted to completely cut out all mascot marketing. We have salvaged some of these by working with them to make it more affordable. We have also secured a few new clients, but at reduced rates - in order to continue to try and provide you with opportunities to make money. Please keep this in mind when you see possible changes in pay rates. Not all clients are affected by this, but most are.

The Mascot Organization realizes that your time in extremely valuable and worth every penny we've paid you. Please bare with us while the times are tough - most of these re-negotiations are a temporary thing. We are trying to keep work coming to you with the thought that a little of something is better than a whole lot of nothing!"

I was just wondering...what are your thoughts on this situation in general? Agreements? Working with agencies with such agreements...Would you work for a company with such agreements...and "sob stories".

Tech with their new conf agreements, webshots photos, visual resumes, are seen as a no go and are liable for possible legal action. Meaning, you have nothing visually from the events you do for TMO to show potential know, get more work.

Clients may like a nice resume...but photos speak a thousand words. Seeing that you were Tony- cool...seeing a photo of you as Tony...AWESOME. What's the point if you can't demonstrate your achievements?

Also, in the wording of the document...basically- it is saying ANY mascot work you get offered, you gotta refer to them within a year of working for them- because they state "entice away from Company or adversely affect Company’s relationship with any client, customer, licensee, licensor, distributor, source of supply or contractor of Company (whether actual or prospective)"...prospective means, anyone.

I am just saying, to all performers...please, watch what you sign. READ IT. Also, watch who you work for- what their intentions are or might be with you.

There are lots of other companies out there- if one makes you uncomfy, with the competition in marketing now-a-days there are plenty out there that clients are bouncing around to to find the lowest bidder. I am sure if you can't be the Hershey Rabbit with one company- you can be with another within a few months.

Also- personally...TMO is doing a bad move announcing they have money issues. They are three months behind on payments now?

Just my two cents...

Thoughts on any of this?

FYI- under the new agreement, my icon is illegal. :P