April 29th, 2009


Long Island Ducks Mascot Day August 23

The Long Island Ducks baseball team will be holding their annual Mascot Day festivities on Sunday August 23. Gametime will be at 5:05pm and the Ducks will be playing against the York Revolution at Citibank Park in Central Islip NY. I'm assuming call time for mascots will be around 3pm.

As it stands now, I'm scheduled to be attending a fanmeet in Pennsylvania earlier that same weekend (Fri-Sat) but planning to be back home late Saturday. In the event I cannot arrange to be back in NYC in time, our group will still be there but sans RTR. Regardless I'll still handle all the paperwork to the ballclub from our group based on those expressing interest in taking part. More information to come as available.

Also I tried contacting the Newark Bears regarding their Mascot Day but haven't heard from them yet. Based on past performance and the team schedule, that event would likely take place on either the first or last weekend in August.