April 23rd, 2009

suga and snow

rental costumes?

okay let me start off by saying if this is out of line please tell me so I can delete this entry.

well I went out on earth day in my rabbit costume and someone really wants me at their kids party.
I already told them I dont have any party costumes (my rabbit is personal and not for parties)
they contacted me and said that they would pay for the costume rental and for my time as they really enjoyed my performance that I put on throughout the earth day event.

so the question portion now.
where in the los angeles area do they rent a mickey mouse costume?
thats what they want, thanks

update: okay im gonna go ahead and take the advice of the people from fursuit gigs and rather not perform this show. it was noted that disney is sue happy about even knockoff character use.
guess it was hard to find for a reason haha
thanks everyone