April 4th, 2009

earmouse, manson

Lawrenceville Jubilee, Lawrenceville NJ

On Sunday, April 26th Hi-4 (and it's affiliated performers) have been invited to entertain at the town Jubilee in Lawrenceville NJ (western NJ, a few miles north of Trenton). Everything is ready, we have a dressing spot and refreshments set up, all we need are fursuiters.

I'm running a carpool down from NYC that day and i still have room for a few more.

Can anyone make this event?
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  • coyoty

Earthstock 2009, Farmington, CT, April 19 -- Update

The environmental fair Earthstock CT will be at Tunxis Community College this year on Sunday April 19, at 271 Scott Swamp Road, Farmington, CT.  It will be held in the college's courtyard, and run from 10 a.m. to about 4 p.m.  We should show up by 9:30 to get ready.  We will be changing in the Faculty Conference Room, outlined by the red box in the map below.  (Click the map to enlarge it.  The map shows construction, but that's been done for over a year, so the campus looks a lot better than this.)

There will be water fountains and rest rooms right outside the conference room, and we will be the only ones entering the building, so we'll have some privacy.  We'll enter the building from the courtyard, go into the faculty office area on our right, and the conference room would be straight ahead.  We will exit by the faculty area's side door, as shown in the map.  We will have fans, and the organizer will try to get refreshments other than water, but due to the money crunch, she can't guarantee anything.  Let me know if that will be a problem.

We're listed as "New England Fursuiters and Hi-4", so we should have badges identifying ourselves as members of one or the other.  Please note whether you need a badge, and I'll ask whoever supplies them from each group to supply them.

Rain will not be a problem because the courtyard is bordered by overhangs where the booths will be if the weather turns bad.  For parking, we should use the student lot shown at the bottom of the map.