March 10th, 2009

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Albany Kidz Expo 2009 - recap

This past saturday we were once again invited to attend the Albany Kidz Expo; for any familiar with that area of New York, it's located under the egg :P

We were very well received by both the organizers of the event and those attending. They supplied us with a booth (next to a kids camp booth and a face painting booth - so we received a lot of traffic), which we put to good use this year, and our own separate changing area - located in a backstage common area next to the changing area for the Star Wars Garrison group (large space, a clothing rack with hangars, restroom area, and even showers ^.^ ).

The flyers that JD put together and Grizz printed came in very handy, the Hi-4 badges Grizz put together, as well as the banner that RTR and Morton brought to the event.
Thank you to everyone who was able to attend and help make this a successful event, it would not have been a success without you.

Give me a heads up if there's anything else I should mention.

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The below photos were taken by my... aging camera (so a lot of shots were not useable because of being too blurry or dark). However, a lot of other folks were taking photos during the event - I'll post links to any that are provided.

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Link to pictures taken by coyoty

After the event a number of us plus Fire Fox headed over to the Metro 20 Diner for dinner.