March 1st, 2009

young lynx

Albany Kidz Expo - information

This Saturday, March 7th, will be the Albany Kidz Expo. If plans have changed and it doesn't look like you'll be able to attend (or if you need to remind me that you'll be attending, drop a note). The key important thing right now (as mentioned again right below) - if you are driving to the event then you will need to submit a parking form. Only a few people have contacted me for the form - give me a heads up if you have not submitted a filled out form to Sandy at the Kidz Expo.

Here are the directions. Keep in mind that to take advantage of the free parking, we need to submit a form for each vehicle being used - the parking will be coordinated by State Troopers, so no wiggle room on that day with what's going on. If you need to get a copy of the form, drop me a note. I believe it will need to be submitted by Wednesday in order to be valid.

Located under "The Egg"
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Event takes place on Saturday, March 7th. It'll last from 10am to about 5pm. We should be arriving between 10am and 11am.

Anyone who does not have my contact info (email, cell #, etc) should drop me a note. Any other questions / etc, let me know.

We will probably grab dinner after the event, we stopped by a nearby diner last year - or if anyone would like to grab some food in the mall or any other nearby places.
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St. Patrick's For All Parade - 2009

St Patrick's For All Parade in Queens today. rapidtrabbit and racodo were in fursuit, skyfirefox held the RTR banner, while catmandux and flykat took photos and video.

Nice turnout again, though quite a few marchers seemed to show up right before the beginning (rather than wait during the speeches and such, which can be quite long). We were well received by the audience and others in the parade. A lot fewer protesters this year, though I noticed Bloomberg got a few boos.

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