February 23rd, 2009

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Something I Thought Would Be Helpful For Suiters & Non-Suiters Alike!

Seeing as how cons seem to be rolling around a lot;
I figured it would be good to have a crash course in sign language for the silent suiters who wish not to break character.
(NOTE: This is not me, or my fursuit)

Now, this is ALSO helpful for those who wish to interact with suiters! =D
Understanding & speaking fursuit ensures everyone for a less stressful/frustrating (if not good) time!

Beef Jerky
(by the wonderful matrices)
Teaches You Helpful Sign Language For Suiters!

I... think... I'm being helpful?
But if this does not belong here, please delete this post.

Thank you. =D

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Penguin Plunge Pics

I was able to get many pics at the plunge including a few group shots. I will only be putting a small number of them up on my Flickr page in a week or two.

The files are very large and may not email well unless someone has a big account they can be sent to. I can make a CD upon request with all the pics I took.
Police Photo

Penguin Plunge 2009 recap

This post will be updated as more pics and information becomes available.

First off, I want to thank everyone who was able to attend the Penguin Plunge this year - once again a very successful event. Our contact Marc dropped me a note thanking us for our help, or in his words: "Your group does a great JOB AND ADDS A LOT OF COLOR TO THE EVENT. Please extend our thanks to them." :)

Anyone who isn't familiar with the event, it takes place at the Polish Falcon Lodge at Crystal Lake in Middletown, Connecticut. It's a funraiser event for kids with autism, donations are collected and numerous groups take "the plunge" - which is, they take a running start into the usually still mostly frozen Crystal Lake. Fursuiters have been attending this event since 2006, so this is actually our fourth year attending.

Photos that were taken at the plunge by others can be seen here (you can see some shots of the fursuiters near the end). Those photos and a few that I took on my aging camera can be seen beneath the cut:

Pictures from the eventCollapse )

We seem to be stuck with the name "Furriers" for this event, no fewer than four people recognized us by that name when I first arrived. This year ran a bit smoother than previous years, they were able to accommodate us in the kitchen area which had recently been renovated - so we had our own private changing area and place to store our gear.

A lot of faces that I recognized from previous years, a lot of the same people attend year after year to show their support. All fursuiting events should be fun but few are as spiritually and emotionally rewarding as one where you brighten so many faces of people that have not been dealt the greatest hand in life. So many people remember us from previous visits and look forward to our presence, it makes me glad I can keep coming back.

Our group wandered the lodge and surrounding area for the duration of the registration process (around 10am til noon), played around with some kids and posed for a lot of photos. At noon they started the plunging process, this year was a little different in a couple ways - they now limit the number of people jumping in to just five per group (so not to overwhelm the rescue personnel wading in the cold water of the lake in case anyone finds themselves in trouble) and the actual point for the plunge was more off to the side (don't know if this is because it ended up being a more shallow area of the lake or because the ice couldn't be removed in time at the main side of the beach).
As has become a bit of a tradition, a bunch of fursuiters were last in line to take the plunge. We were counted off the MC and ran for the lake, with all but one stopping short, and well... I had so much fun last year jumping in that I decided to do it again this year in Ra'codo :P It's actually not that bad, you go numb pretty quick.

I'm sure I don't have a complete list of those in attendance - please correct me if I misnamed anyone or if you know of anyone who also attended:
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