February 22nd, 2009

  • panzier

Penguin Plunge

Had a blast suiting and meeting everyone, good to see paws_wolfymutt and friends second time in a year! Okay, if there's kids around, gotta have Spook there. Shorter and hot pink, how less threatening could you possibly get!

Shoulda suited a little longer but then would have missed the late breakfast! Anyway, until the next one!!
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Bar Scene

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The Penguin Plunge was a great success. Thank you to all who attended :)

If you were able to take any photos of the event, please share on the community. I didn't manage to get many shots with my camera, and I brought my old one figuring it might weather the wear and tear a bit better - then noticed that it is seriously on its last legs ^.^;;;

Anyways, thanks again! A recap post of all who attended will be made later. Further information on the events that are coming up soon will also be posted.

Looking for Some Advice!

Hi! I was hoping I could get some knowledge from more of the experienced freelance mascots around here as I'm trying to get some work along those lines.

I'm currently employed as a mascot for a theme park, but was thinking of doing seasonal work during Christmas time for some extra coin and to expand my professional experience. I plan on commissioning a reindeer costume very soon and that's in the works, but first I have a few questions.

How would I go about inquiring a mall if they would like to add me to their Santa photoshoot that most malls have? Would they be interested in adding a reindeer performer?

Would it be appropriate to put out a flier offering up my services around that time of year for parties/get togethers/events/store fronts/etc.? Additionally, would contacting businesses with my services be appropriate or should I wait for them to find me/ask me?

What's the going rate for an event?
I'm used to $8.60 an hour, even if I was in suit for that whole hour or more so my views are skewed.

Thanks in advance, ya'll!