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Albany Kidz Expo: Saturday March 7th 2020

Just as a reminder, this saturday will be the Albany Kidz Expo. The Parking passes have been emailed to the mailing list, information for the event has been sent to the Telegram and Mailing Groups though if you've attended this event in the past nothing has changed. Below is a repeat of the information I have provided in the past:

This Saturday is another Kidz Expo at EMPIRE STATE PLAZA , ALBANY, NEW YORK under “The Egg”

To reach the Empire State Plaza Parking Garage, exit from Interstate 787 at the Rensselaer/Empire State Plaza exit and follow signs to the Empire State Plaza.

I-87 south to I-90 east: 1-787 south to Empire State Plaza exit
I-87 south to exit 23: I-787 north to Empire State Plaza exit
I-90 west to I-787: south to Empire State Plaza exit
I-90 east to I-787: south to Empire State Plaza exit

The parking pass has been emailed to everyone, please remember to bring a copy to show the parking attendant. Same as previous years, it’s the V-Lot.

The event begins at 10am but the parking lot usually fills up quick, you should arrive a little early.



All Mascots and costumed people must have an expo badge to be identified by the State Police – registered for one at the show office.

We will probably grab dinner after the event, we usually a nearby diner or if anyone would like to grab some food in the mall or any other nearby places.

Fursuiters & Handlers - If you're available at any points during the event, we need to keep our booth manned by at least one person at all times. If you need a break from fursuiting, or are not keeping an eye on fursuiters, please consider sitting at the booth. We have binders full of pictures from past events as well as candy for any passerby.

Any changes to the above list or final questions, please let me know.

Below is the address for the diner we have used in the past after the event:
Capital City Diner
1709 Western Ave
Albany, NY 12203
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