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Freaky Lynx

Upcoming Event: Penguin Plunge - Saturday, February 21st

A couple long recurring events are coming up again, the Middletown Penguin Plunge and the Albany Kidz Expo - below are the details for the Plunge. If you are interested in attending please let me know :)

Takes place on Saturday, February 21st. As in previous years, he registration begins at 10am with the actual plunge beginning at noon (In the past we've arrived a bit before 10am to give us time to change and start mingling before it gets too crowded). This'll be our ninth year attending, very fun though short event - and if anyone wants to do the actual plunge this year, please let me know.

Directions to Polish Falcons Nest 519 at Crystal Lake: if you wish to use Google Maps or a GPS, it is at: 144 Prout Hill Road, Middletown, CT 06457 - when you get near the final destination you will see signs and folks instructing on the parking.

People will be registering and wandering around the lodge area from 10am - noon, then they will begin having groups take the plunge. In the past, our group has done a bit of a 'phoney' plunge - fursuiters would line up looking to jump in, run to the edge of the lake and then stop, and one fursuiter would continue into the water - every year of attendance we have had at least one fursuiter interested in taking the plunge. If anyone is interested in doing this (whether the fake line-up or the actual plunge), please let me know. We would need to sign onto the announcement list before the plungers begin jumping into the water. I plan on taking the plunge if no one else is interested, we've had someone go into the lake every year we've attended and it would be a shame to break tradition :)

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