Rapid T. Rabbit (rapidtrabbit) wrote in fursuit_gigs,
Rapid T. Rabbit

DooDah Parade in Ocean City NJ Saturday April 12

Signup is now open for the 20th annual appearance of Rapid T. Rabbit and Friends in the DooDah Parade on the New Jersey shore, and we're looking for characters to join us. Ocean City NJ is billed as "America's Greatest Family Resort" and we're glad to be a part of their parade saluting comedy and humor.

Limited complementary shared hotel space is available.

For more information please visit our group signup page.
http://doodah.surple.com .

Note that there are two signup lists, one for marching in the parade, the other for the free hotel space. If you would like to be in one of the free rooms, be sure to signup for both lists. Additional private rooms may also be reserved in the same hotel at your own cost for a special parade rate.

Hope to see you there!

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