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Albany Kidz Expo 2014 - Full Details: March 8th event!

As a reminder, we have been re-invited back to the Albany Kidz Expo, scheduled to take place this Saturday March 8th (10am to 5pm). This event has been great every year we've attended and our presence has gone very well with adults and kids alike. We've got the large changing area once again and confirmation on the exhibition table.

Currently the line-up is as follows:



I will be manning the exhibition table as long as necessary, we must have at least one person stationed there at all times, but I will be running around in fursuit otherwise. If anyone is interested in manning the table it's super easy, just show off photos from past events our groups have done, hand out candy and flyers with contact info.

If anybody wishes to be added to the line-up please let me know and I'll send you the parking form which will allow you to use the garage under the convention center for free. I know this is an all day event, if you are interested in attending for just part of the day that is fine as well, it remains active throughout.

Under the cut I have attached all the details provided to me. The key things to remember - the event is from 10am to 5pm on Saturday March 8th but if you are using the parking garage you should show up earlier, it tends to fill up quickly.

As stated, I have sent a copy of the parking form to those confirmed as attending, you will need to present this when you arrive. Per the directions you will be parking in the V-Lot (P-3 North)

When you arrive you can contact me (I have not received the location of our table at the event) or if you have attended before you should be familiar with the changing area location (behind the back stage in the main exhibition area).

Directions are located under the cut.

Any questions... drop me a note :D

Hannaford Kidz EXPO 2014

To alleviate any problems during load-in, set-up, move-out, or show itself, please
take a few minutes to read these materials carefully and call with any questions.

Friday, March 7th : 3 PM-700PM
Please note: in preparation for the show’s opening on Saturday ,the 24’x24’ elevator lift will be shut down at 7 pm on Friday. Ramps (on the stairways) will be pulled at 9:00 am on Saturday. So please plan to arrive early.
Ramp location will be near the MR 7 doors ..we cannot use the main doors for load in or load out.

If you are on the Concourse the ramps & Elevator should not affect you.
Please register at the Show Information Desk after you begin to unload in the P-1
North unloading zone.
The Show Information Desk will be located at the Main
Entrance of the Convention Center. Exhibitors will be shown to their booth site and given additional instructions.
Security will be provided after 7 PM on Friday till 7 AM on Saturday.

To reach the Empire State Plaza Parking Garage, exit from Interstate 787 at the Rensselaer/Empire State Plaza exit and follow signs to the Empire State Plaza.

P-1 North: -
As you enter the tunnel, on your immediate right, you will see a sign for P-1
North. The over-sized door for the P-1 North Loading Dock and 24’x24’ elevator lift is on the right. The lift goes directly from the parking level to the main floor of the Convention Center.

Please use the P-1 North area for unloading. You must return the enclosed OGS Delivery Request form to gain access. The P 1 area will be available from 3 PM Friday till 7 PM and again from 7 AM Saturday till 9:30 AM.

All exhibitors will take the north passenger elevators to the Concourse level. The Concourse is accessible from any north parking lot/level.

Because this is a NY State Facility, please note:
The NYS Troopers will be on hand to tow any vehicle that is parked illegally.
All drivers and passengers must have valid photo I.D. in order to enter and/or
park in the Empire State Plaza parking garages and all vehicles are subject to search.

4. Parking - Parking on Friday you must pay yourself.
Parking is $2 an hour or $5 pay after 4 PM

Attached is an indoor parking pass for Saturday. If you have additional vehicles (staff, etc.) you should direct those vehicles to indoor parking V Lot ( P3 North) . With a copy of this pass they will not be charged.

If your vehicle is over 6’6” in height, please contact us for special parking in the P-1 North oversized lot.
The P 1 lot will be open till 10 AM on Saturday


If you have small items, you must use the Concourse elevators. When using these elevators, please do not overload – any damage to these elevators will be charged back to the exhibitor. Also, please do not use the emergency button to hold the doors open because this is a direct line to the police.

To borrow a hand-cart, please leave your driver's license (or something of equal
importance) with show management personnel at the Show Information Desk.
When you return the hand-cart, we will return your license.

All exhibitors must unload, set-up, and strike their own booth(s). The show
management does not provide labor to handle exhibitors' materials.

Exhibitors may enter the Empire State Plaza Convention Center after 3 PM on Friday or after 7 AM on Saturday.
The show is open to the public during the following hours:
Saturday, 10 AM – 5 PM.

To increase the involvement of show goers at Hannaford Kidz EXPO 2014, we will be giving away door prizes throughout the show. Show goers will register for these prizes near the Box Office, and winners will be announced over the loudspeaker.

If you would like to already donate any door prize items, please contact Mike Snyder at 518-486-1873. Each door prize must have a minimum value of $25. Your organization will be mentioned with each door prize awarded.

Security will be provided after 7 PM on Friday till 7 AM on Saturday.

Hannaford Kidz EXPO 2014 closes to the public at 5pm on Saturday. Because the public is in the Convention Center until 5pm, removal of items becomes a safety hazard. As a result, exhibitors must refrain from disassembling their booth(s) until after 5pm.
Strike Hours are: 5 pm until 8 pm.

Exhibitors' booths are 10-feet wide x 8-feet deep. Side rails and curtains are
3-feet high, and the backdrop curtain will be either 6 or 8-feet high. Please be sure that the back of your booth is appropriately designed if higher than 8 feet. A booth may not be higher than 10-feet in the back and 4-feet on the sides unless you receive special permission from the show management. No exhibitor may design a booth that obstructs another booth. Show management reserves the right to request last minute changes in the design of an exhibitor's booth if it obstructs another exhibitor. All promotional materials are restricted to the front area of your booth(s).
Your booth fee includes the pipe and drape around your booth. Also provided will be standard electricity, tables, chairs, table skirting and signage.

Please note:
• Vendors requesting 220V electrical outlets may be subject to relocation.
• You are advised to bring an extension cord(s).
• Live trees are not allowed
• Exhibitors will be responsible for any physical damage to their booth space
• Vehicles on display must abide by the following regulations in accordance with
the International Fire Code and NFPA:
• At least one battery cable shall be removed from the batteries used to start
the vehicle engine. The disconnected battery cable shall then be taped off.
• Batteries used to power auxiliary equipment shall be permitted to be kept in
service. Fuel in fuel tanks cannot exceed one-quarter tank or 5 gallons (19L),
whichever is least.
• Fuel tanks and fill openings should be closed and sealed to prevent
tampering and the escape of vapors.
• Vehicles, boats, or other motor craft equipment shall not be fueled or
defueled within the building.
• Vehicles shall not be moved during exhibit hours.
• Compressed flammable gases; flammable or combustible liquids;
hazardous chemicals or materials; and Class II or greater lasers, blasting
agents, and explosives shall be prohibited within exhibit halls.
• Vehicles with LP-Gas fuel systems, LNG or CNG fuel systems must have
the cylinder shutoff valve closed.
• Vehicles with LP-Gas, LNG or CNG fuel systems shall not be parked near
sources of heat, open flames, or similar sources of ignition.
• Indoor application of silicone spray to tires will not be permitted.
• Drop cloths should be placed under the vehicle once positioned.
• The keys to the vehicle should remain on the premises.

If you are planning to serve any type of food or beverage from your booth(s),
please contact Mike Snyder for special instructions.
Exhibitors selling food will be charged a fee charged by the Albany County
Health Department for a Temporary Food Permit of $30.

Each booth must have at least one person manning it during all show hours.
Exhibitors are not allowed to pass out literature in the aisles or the hallways.

All exhibitors who plan to sell at Hannaford Kidz EXPO 2014 must have a valid certificate from New York State Sales and Tax Use displayed in their booth(s). This regulation has been implemented as the result of a New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Regulation, which states that we must obtain a certificate for each show.

Each exhibitor is responsible for his own equipment and merchandise. The State of New York, nor any of their respective officers, service contractors, or employees, shall be responsible for any damage suffered by an exhibitor, his agents or employees, in transit to, at, or leaving the show, whether from theft, fire, or any other cause. Exhibitors desiring insurance on their goods must place the same at their expense.

Show Management shall have the authority to enforce, interpret and amend these regulations, and to make additional rules and regulations, which, at its discretion, shall be in the best interest of the Show.

• No flammable materials shall be used as a decoration or backdrop
• No open flames; flammable gases, liquids or materials. Nonflammable gas containers must have safety caps and be secured in place to prevent
movement. This code applies to helium tanks, which must be secured in a rack
• The use of propane tanks of any kind or size is strictly prohibited in the
Convention Center.
• Fire extinguishers and fire hose cabinets shall not be blocked or concealed in
any way. No exit shall be blocked in any way.
• Temporary wiring shall be installed by the Center’s electricians to insure that
the work is done in accordance with current prescribed electrical safety
• All machinery or equipment shall have approved safety devices to prevent fires
or injury. Only qualified technicians shall be allowed to set up, operate ad
dismantle such machinery or equipment.
• No smoking.


All Mascots and costumed people must have an expo badge to be identified by the State Police – registered for one at the show office.


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